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Episode 3: Meeting Greta

In this episode, India and I talk to Greta, one of India's friends from Atlanta, and an amazing person in her own right. Greta talks to us about being pansexual, moving from Indiana to the south, and being the partner of a trans man.

I think what I liked most about talking to Greta is how open she is about her evolving identity, and her strong sense of self. We talked about how ridiculously hot Pride can be in the south when it is held in June. Seriously, ya'll, we need to all be like Atlanta and celebrate in October (COVID not withstanding). Thanks so much to Greta for talking to us. I need this pandemic to pass so that we can head to Atlanta and enjoy some karaoke at My Sister's Room with her. After listening to our conversation, check out her singing with the Atlanta Women's Chorus. We're grateful for the AWC for letting us use some of their music in today's episode.

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