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Episode 9: What is Southern

I (Aubree) edited an episode! Thanks to India for giving me a chance to edit this episode. I'm hoping it isn't too bad, and had so much fun doing it. I love trying new things and learning new skills. Hopefully, I can edit more in the future.

On this episode, we spend some time trying to figure out where the south is and who gets to call themselves a southern. Spoiler alert, it all depends! We don't pretend to have all the answers, but we have fun looking at the different ways you can classify the south, and why it matters.

When we're talking about LGBTQ southern issues, we can go about it in a lot of ways. Is it just a geographic issue, and if so, which states do we include? Being in Texas, I know that many people here view it as a category unto itself! What about Delaware and Maryland? Are they too far north? Is DC the south? Geography can play such an important part of the conversation, partly because it influences culture, politics, economics, and just about every other factor. We also dive into the culture, the politics, the history, and just so much more! Give the episode a listen here: Southern Queeries Episode 9.

For this episode, we relied on a lot of different sources, and I wanted to link some of them here:

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