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Getting to Know India

I loved creating our second episode! Getting to know India has been a treat and her energy is infectious. I think what I find most fascinating about this episode is that I reminded how complex coming out can be. There are so many hills and valleys, and really every time an LGBTQ+ person comes out they affect the lives of everyone close to them.

As of August 2nd (when I'm writing this), we've only been working on this project together for a month. So far, I've learned two thing about India that I think are crucial to this project. First, she knows just about everybody in the south (or at least Atlanta and DFW)! It is great working with an extrovert because she definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone. And second, she can do just about anything on related to tech. Web design, logos, audio engineering, etc. I'm continuously impressed on what she knows, and most of it is self taught! Her creativity is impressive.

Hope you enjoy this episode. It was a great conversation.


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