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The Rachel Garbus

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

In this episode Aubree and I have Miss Rachel Garbus on our show. Now, back when I lived in Atlanta I would hear whispers of her and people would gather in crowds to go see this woman on stage, at parties and at gatherings. I first heard Rachel do a spoken word piece for a group of queer people in the basement ballroom of a vintage hotel called Highland Ballroom. Her work was powerful, hilarious, and done oh so well. I was so inspired and to my delight she was part of my circle of friends. I went to many of Rachel's shows, paraded with her in Atlanta Pride with the Dykes on Bikes, even met one of my besties thanks to her on a Lesbian Yacht party she co-planned on at Lake Lanier. Sounds like an episode out of the L-Word? Oh yeah.

What struck me the most about Rachel was not only her energy and charisma but working with her helping the community, her eloquence when speaking, writing and hearing her story resonated with me on multiple levels. It made me feel less alone. So when Aubree and I talked about who we wanted on the show I knew that I had to have Rachel on the show. Even though Rachel is not native to the South her story and knowledge can resonate with many out there. Listen to this episode where we ask Rachel some deep thought provoking questions about her life! You can read her work at AWF Magazine and Wussy Magazine. You can follow her on twitter @rachel_garbus.

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