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Let's Queer Disney!

We talk to Andrew Rodriguez-Tirana, a sweet and funny queer disneybounder and small business owner from Florida about coming out in Miami, being involved in musical theatre, and of course Disneybounding!. Andrew and RJay created the growing Instagram account Pixie Dusted With Pride that highlights LGBTQ Disneybounders. They also use the platform to discuss issues of body positivity, allyship, and self care.

And we’re grateful to have our very first sponsor, Dash of Pride, Dash of Pride is your one stop shop for LGBTQ wedding decor, stationary, and paraphernalia. They also have masks, shirts, home decor, and accessories for your everyday life. Go to Dash of Pride and use the promo code DASH10 for 10% off yiur entire order. And check out their cute penguin logo!

Guest Links:

Pixie Dusted With Pride: @pixiedustedwithpride

And special thanks to RJay,, another gay disneybounder and the inspiration and co-creator of Pixie Dusted with Pride

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