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Where Are All the Lesbian Bars?

Popular culture is obsessed with gay bars! Well, they're obsessed with traditionally male centric gay bars. Many of them are thriving as night clubs, bars, places where people gay and straight alike can go to enjoy themselves. But, feminine centered places, where there's an emphasis on female safety, musical acts, and voices, those are rarer locations. The number of lesbian bars are steadily shrinking, and according to some reports, there are only about 16 left in the United States. Exact numbers are hard to find, but we know that the numbers are small.

That's why we're so excited about today's episode. We talk to the members of the Lesbian Bar Project, a grassroots project that is trying to funnel donations to help these spaces stay afloat during the pandemic. They've teamed up singer/actor/comedian Lea Delaria and Jagermister to help save these spaces, and yes, some of them are in the south! Now we just need this pandemic to end so that we can go back to these safe spaces.

Next we talk to the indomitable Kathy Jack, manager of Sue Ellen's in Dallas, Texas. Kathy has been a fixture of north Texas gay nightlife since the early 80s. We go into her first experiences at a gay bar, why she won't go to Garland, and why these spaces are so important for the queer community. Yes, as of November, Sue Ellen's is still closed. But this pandemic will end eventually. Vaccines will be found. The numbers will go down, and Southern Queeries will be at Sue Ellen's soaking up all the great feminine energy. She is funny, tireless, and we hope that one day she writes that book she told us about, because I know she has more stories than we can fit into one episode. It should be noted that Sue Ellen's is not accepting donations at the time so that other lesbian bars can benefit a little more. That is just another example of Kathy's spirit.

And if you can, please donate to the Lesbian Bar Project

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